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Personal Coaching

Carol ReynoldsHave you ever asked yourself the question, “Is this all there is?

Have you taken the time to ask yourself, “Am I happy?

Joy is something that we are born being able to experience, yet our experiences along the way, as well as our personal programming, either increase our ability to live with joy, or decrease it.

There are steps to real joy that we can master. We can duplicate the blueprint that has worked and then pass the blueprint along for thousands of others who would love to live in joy.

Survival: this is hand to mouth existence, always looking for the threat and trying to avoid it. In this state of mind money (or something—health, relationships)  is a problem and there is plenty of victim thinking. People are objects either to collect for various reasons (sex, popularity) or are to be protected from (they will hurt you).

Asleep: this is the state of numbness (addiction) or unawareness.  Sometimes there is such a single focus on something like money or career that the rest of life is missed.  The inner self is not known or taken care of.  It requires a shock, crises or hitting bottom to wake up.  Many 12-step recovery type programs will snap a person out of sleep and get them moving.

Doing OK:  this is where a lot of people settle in.  It is comfortable at last. The big problems are probably over and a lot of victim thinking has been displaced with “making it.”  At least at this place a person has some skills for handling the garbage that comes along. A person in this space is usually producing but not necessarily enjoying what they do or how they live.

Doing Well:  this is where life starts to get fun because some big shifts have happened.  Relationships are rewarding, communication skills are valued, and this person is not struggling or suffering about anythingThey have discovered how to make life effortless.

Living in Joy: this is where people are fully engaged in the life that has been designed by personal values and choices that are truly defined. One experience not resistance but living in the joyful flows of life without problems, crisis, toleration or addictions.  Most of the time is spent playing and creating which creates joy.  Even those “life events that are challenging” are considered fun and are taken on with support and empowerment.

Carol does individual or couples coaching by appointment.

She asks for four sessions commitment, and charges $125.00 per session which is one hour on the phone.

Carol asks you to ask yourself what is the big change that you really want to see in your life? "Share this with her during the first coaching session to the focus.

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