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Challenge Participant’s List

Please Bring to Challenge:

  1. Sleeping bag and pillow 
  2. Bathing suit
  3. Long pants for doing high events (no shorts allowed on high events)
  4. Sun block and Lip balm (even in the winter) 
  5. Eating utensils (plate, bowl, plastic glass, spoon, fork, knife)
  6. Cold weather clothing/ jacket  (even in the summer we have had snow)  
  7. Towel and washcloth
  8. Hot weather clothing (layering works even in the winter it has turned hot) 
  9. Flashlight
  10. Tennis Shoes 
  11. Water bottle (strap to carry makes it easier)
  12. Hiking boots (or snow boots are optional)
  13. Extra socks  
  14. Spray bottle (summer, for cooling) optional
  15. Work leather gloves or sport type  - optional  (you will be holding ropes and wires)   
  16. Raincoat or poncho (a must in the winter)
  17. Journal and pen 
  18. White T-shirt or sweatshirt for signing after the events
  19. Toiletries  (toothpaste/brush, soap, etc.) 
  20. Permanent markers (for shirts)
  21. Hat or visor   
  22. $50 bill and $10 bill – a must - used for an activity not for your personal needs
  23. Backpack/fanny pack just for carrying sun block, chap stick, and small items optional
  24. Belay harness --- can be purchased at your local rock climbing store or 702-254-1143 - Desert Rock Sports--8201 W. Charleston - Las Vegas, Nv 89117 carries them.
  25. If your belay is 3 yrs old, it is on recall.  You may not use it.  The date should be on the harness.
  26. Be prepared the weather changes abruptly on the course. 
  27. Expect anything.


  1. Jewelry or valuables 
  2. Drugs, except current prescriptions
  3. Radios or walkmans 
  4. Guns, weapons or hunting knives
  5. Chewing tobacco
  6. If you question it, don't bring it!

Even though Challenge as a seminar is finished about 6:00pm (pacific time) Sunday,  the group usually likes to go to Cedar City and have a celebration dinner, so time flights later and bring extra money for this party.

EMERGENCY NUMBER 702-335-0807 - voice mail.


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