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NOV. 05-08, 2015
Challenge Seminars
Take the Challenge: Where you: Find the opening to possibility thinking!
Go Beyond where you have gone before. You will never say, "I can't" and believe it again!

Challenge is the seminar of going beyond what you ever thought you could do.  You are challenged physically on a ropes course, mentally with games and activities that require outside-the-box thinking, and emotionally by living in rustic rural close quarters with others. This seminar builds solution thinking,  confidence, and courage, and gives you a new relationship with fear. 

Love Your Challenge
Once upon a time, their was a world of paradise lost on a course of destruction, run by 6 billion people who lived in fear.  It was a time of chaos. It was also the best of times--a revolution of new thinking. History books will record the invention of Gutenburg's printing press and the Internet in the same era.

This consciousness revolution of the Twentieth Century has already transformed both mainstream medicine and business.  Harvard Medical School has hosted symposiums on the role of the spirit and healing.  High paid corporate executives are hiring Carol and others like her, to turn the workplace into sanctuaries for the soul.

This evolution is not about adaptation but creativity & innovation.

  1. "I never came upon any of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking." - Albert Einstein
  2. I am discovering I must create who I want to be rather than imitating who others have been or believe I should be.
  3. We have squeezed the blood out of the productivity era
  4. We are not only all equal but equally just as brilliant.
  5. Within us all there is greatness hiding, waiting for our moment to be born.

Owning the Possibility

During an illuminating, high-energy event, you'll discover innovative ways to solve problems more quickly and easily, make strong, smart decisions, get your team out of its thinking ruts and generate one great idea after another. Explore the benefits of evolution and innovation. How do you generate intuition and the place for in today's innovative era.  When is systems thinking appropriate and what is the  value of strategic planning. 

Intention and commitment will be explored as a basis of committed action thinking and how that opens the fields of possibilities. If you've ever dipped into your "idea well" only to find it bone dry, if you've ever puzzled over why certain problems keep recurring, if you've ever wished you could make major breakthroughs instead of small, awkward steps, then this powerful course is an absolute must!


Owning the possibility The Challenge Seminar is the most advanced seminar offered by The Vision Network. It is recommended that the base level seminars VISION, ONE or MARATHON be completed first. Challenge is an intense, four-day ropes course centered around leadership training and team building.

Carol's unique coaching style empowers the participants to see the repeated negative patterns in their lives, move through the fear and heal the patterns. Through this work they are able to move beyond the behaviors that hold them back and move into more effective, empowered leadership. This work pushes people forward in their lives.

The seminar is called Challenge because of the extreme conditions and the deep level of intellectual and emotional work involved. This seminar is highly effective for people who want to face fear, experience accelerated growth and lead themselves and others to success.

At Challenge, the participants not only work on overcoming obstacles and creating solutions within themselves; they come together as a team to create win after win.

  1. The seminar is based on possibility thinking and team building exercises.
  2. The seminar is set up to create results both personal and professional. 

Participants come together in a stressful environment, are asked to work together, lead each other, go to solutions, take part in intense training and then get results. The results of this program are accelerated growth and outstanding leaders.

Personal Mastery

TeambuildingLeaders are the model for the team! A decision coming from no previous knowledge is called "pure creation". At that moment, you are aware and deeply alive from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head. You know that the moment depends on you, your decisions and your actions determine the outcome! Most people are not interested in such an experience, but those who want to play life 100% are very interested. Highly successful people know that to do remarkable things they must take risks and step into their personal power of creation.

Solution Thinking

This is a new kind of thinking, Think about it:

Does it make sense to try solving a problem using the same kind of thinking that caused the problem in the first place? Unfortunately, this happens all too often. Creative solution thinking is a new focus. The formula is 3% on the problem and 97% on the solution. Too much time is spent focusing on the obstacle and not the goal.

Team Building

Team Learning
Adults learn:
Best from each other
By reflecting on how they are addressing real problems
When they are able to question the assumptions on which their actions are based.
When they receive open feedback from each other
When they really care about each other
By doing events that demand the cooperation of a team
Experiential learning means the skills are internalized
When you do something once under extreme can do it again in normal circumstances

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